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Research compilation as it stands on my paternal genealogy
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PostSubject: How This Board Works   How This Board Works EmptyWed Jul 03, 2013 11:32 am

The first topic in this category, regardless of which forum, will begin with a list of the people in the focus of that forum and the some of the basic relationships between them.

The names of my direct ancestors will be underlined.
Females will be italicized and males will not.
Those who were at one point part of the family through marriage but are no longer will have a slash through their names.

Because there are families in which I have multiple direct ancestors, the ancestor which I am talking about in a particular topic or post will be indicated in green.
Husbands and wives and life-partners will be indicated in violet, but the main person (the first name in an entry) will not be colored.
Affairs, mistresses, etc will be indicated in red. This includes girlfriends and boyfriends with whom children were had before marriage and they are NOT married now.
Illegitimate children will be indicated in orange.
Children of divorced couples who were not from that marriage are indicated in blue, including the non-related partner's.
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How This Board Works
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